1. Now then you little Monsters… 

    Wanna swap us 5 nickel/brass nuggets for 17.78 centimetres of new noise?



  2. HOLA! 

    We recorded two brand new tracks for the Too Pure Singles Club

    Limited run of 7” Vinyl. In chemistry, vinyl or ethenyl is the functional group −CH=CH2, namely the ethene molecule (H2C=CH2) minus one hydrogen atom. 

    Listen and if you likey Pre-order the 7” from Rough Trade Records here http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/76024

    We also have some concerts coming up..

    20th Sept - London, The Old Blue Last w/ Limb (Free entry)

    24th Sept - London, AIM Labelled With Love Festival, 229 The Venue w/ Menace Beach 

    5th October - Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall w/ Wet Nuns



    hi all

    we are smashing in some free gigs, we will bring the party and we will bring copies of Heroic Dose, see you there xxx

    15/07/13 - Brighton - Mrs Fitzherberts w/ Rain Eater - FREE ENTRY - https://www.facebook.com/events/631679790185762/

    16/07/13 - London - Birthdays w/ Silent Front, Godzilla Black - FREE ENTRY - https://www.facebook.com/events/141832592682315/

    09/08/13 - Wakefield - The Hop w/ Hawk Eyes, Blacklisters - https://www.facebook.com/events/623329347681121/

    28/08/13 - Manchester - Kraak w/ Hawk Eyes, Menace Beach

    04/09/13 - Leeds - Nation of Shopkeepers - FREE ENTRY

    20/09/13 - London - The Old Blue Last - FREE ENTRY

    05/10/13 - Leeds - Belgrave Music Hall



  4. NEW THREADS! Get em HERE.




  7. Tickets £5 from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/218354

    “Three weeks ago two of my friends and I went to a ranch in Fredericksburg, Texas, and took what Terence McKenna calls “a heroic dose.” Five dried grams. Let me tell you, our third eye was squeegeed quite cleanly. Wow!”

    Release party for These Monsters new album Heroic Dose out on Function Records May 20th iTunes, May 27th UK record stores, June 7th EU record stores.

    Doors open at 7.30pm with good time tunes all night and…

    Hawk Eyes 8pm
    Blacklisters 9pm
    These Monsters 10pm

    heroic dose n. a quantity of a medical drug sufficient to endanger a person; (hence) a quantity of a recreational drug sufficient to achieve the maximum possible psychedelic or psychotropic effects; an excess of any substance or behavior.

    "Wharf Chambers is a city centre members’ club venue, managed by a workers co-op, with the aim of promoting non-market led and experimental music and art. We aim to be a place for events with a DIY ethos and by that we mean put on for the love of it and not for the profits. Wharf Chambers is a members’ club and you need to be a member, or guest of a member in order to attend. To join please visithttp://www.wharfchambers.org/ - Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.”

    If you are not a member you can still come, there will be members on the door to let you in, but why not sign up.

    Tickets are also available from the bar in Wharf Chambers, they will take your £5 and put your name on the list for us.


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    These Monsters, Live At Leeds!

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    These Monsters

    Shot from Liverpool Sound City Festival on the Screenadelica Stage by Conor McDonnell.

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  10. Music video for When The Going Gets Weird